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Is lmv licence valid to drive innova car ?
i am 17 years 6 months can i apply for license for 2 wheeler?
i hav a license for 2 wheeler.i want a license for drivimg a car.how can i merge both of them?
if my driving licence is not expired issued in hyderabad but now i want it in pune how should i do?
i have llr. can i drive 2 wheeler. i'm in coimbatore?
iam 24 yrs age i have no bike but i learned it from my friend bike can i have 2wheeler driving license?
I have a LL for MCWG, can I apply DL for MCWOG or can i take honda activa for driving test with LL for MCWG?
hey. i am buy honda activa. i have 16 age. i have no licence. will i get licence in 16 age. plz answer?
I have a Permanent DL for LMV & 2W issued by RTO Chengalpattu Tamilnadu which is expiring in the month of July 2014. I have shifted and has permanent residence at Pune Maharashtra. Can i Renew the license at Pune? Please inform?
I have 2+4 learner license, Can I now take only 2 wheeler license ?
From my old Rental Address (C.B.D. Belapur) I hold a SmartCard Licence with LMV and MCWOG. (Now I have purchased a Flat in Kharghar) Can I apply for a seperate MCWG licence on a New Address? Is it ok to have two seperate licneses for a same holder?
i am 14 right now , my father is in abroad and my mother is ill right now so i want to carry out the family responsibilities so i am having a bike and is there any special cases of getting license .i am in thanjavur , tamil nadu (plsss answer me soon)?
i have passed learning licence test and got receipt can i drive the scooty till i get learning licence?
can a driving lincence holder of one state travel in the other state?
can a motor cycle with gear license holder drive a motor cycle without gear?
Can i drive innova having motor car licence?
Lmv and hmv difference?
I am a holder of LMV-nt driving licence. Can i drive innova?
I have a 2 wheeler licence, but not renewed. Now I am 58. Can I get it re newed now? Can I get a new 2 wheeler licence at this age? I am holding a valid 4 W licence.?
I have two wheeler licence issued by RTO Pune. Now I am in Mumbai and want four wheeler licence. Do i need to apply for lerners licence? Can i give my permenant address proof of Pune to get licence in Mumbai?
I already have a permanent license of two wheeler and now i want a four wheeler license so do i have to apply for a learning license of four wheeler?? or i can get a direct license for four wheeler if i know to drive four wheeler..?
I am a holder of 4 wheeler Learner License but can i apply for a 2 wheeler permanent license ??
i am 18 from july 25 can i apply for driving license?
i have lmv-nt licence. do i need to submit separate documents for mcwg licence? thank you!?
i am a holder of LMV-TR driving licence. can i drive private tata sumo ?
i am a holder of LMV-Nt driving licence. can i drive innova?
I am lost my learning licence in ahmedabad now how should i get it i have photo copy of it how should i get duplicat learning licence in ahmedabad.?
4 Months are left for me to turn 18, Can i get my learners permit right now?
My Licence is for LMV-TR.It has got valid date 114-08- 2025 (NT) and there is other date 01-09-2011(TR).Does that mean my license is expired for LMV Transport and active for LMV Non Transport?
Sir I will be 16 in the next month. Can i get license to drive activa in Mumbai??
can i get DL in karnataka with AP proofs.i dont have any address proofs in karnataka?
my one eye blind can i get the driving licence in india?
I have learner license for LMV. Can i apply to get a permanent license for 2 wheeler with this learner license?
I have an dl of motorcycle with gear only, on it can I drive gearless two wheel veichle like Honda(active), to avoid the challan. Can gearlees two wheel is automatic include in with gear two wheel motor cycle.?
Im 17 & got mcywog category DL in Delhi so can i drive Aviator?
sir can i apply license for motorcycle gear with LLR lmv non trnsprt ??
I have a 2W licence of one RTO in Tamilnadu. Also got separate 4W licence from another RTO in TN. Both are expiring in FEB 2014 same date. How to renew them?
I am aged 35 and having licence in tamilnadu of motorcycle without gear..can I drive honda active with the same?
Can I use my Uncle's car for obtaining license with endorsement to old license? What should I do if brake inspector (Coimbatore, Tamilnadu) insist on submitting Form-14 for LLR.?
can date of birth be changed in driving licence?
my two wheeler driving licence is old licence is made in maharatra now iam shift to delhi so its valid in delhi?
I have a 2 wheeler gear license and LMV license, can I ride a motorcycle without gear ?
I have taken a LLR for LMV NT through a motor driving class agency. Now I am under learning process. Further can I use another Motor Training class to learn and apply for final driving license(at the same RTO)?
My LL from Kolkata has expired. Can I get a new LL in Mumbai since I have shifted to Mumbai now.?
can i have a two wheeler learners license at the age of 17?
Process to change ungeared two wheeler license to geared one.?
can i have llr for car? if yes at what age can i apply?
My licence expiring on in May 2014.. pls advise when to approach RTO, can I approach by this month end(Jan2014), also recently I have shifted my flat (same bldg from top floor to 2nd floor) how can I effect this change in my new renewed licence.?
How to convert book license to Smat card?
can I have a learner lisence for a non gear two wheeler before 16?
Sir, I have LMV non transport, and want to make batch licence. For this what is the procedure and fees?
We need to submit the Learner license after giving the driving test. Till I get my final license, how can I drive without document?
my learner license has expired. now can i apply for driving license instead of applying a new LL ?
i have changed my signature, how can i get it updated on my driving licence?
i have goa driving licience for LMV N SCOOTER expiring in july 2014 can i apply for mumbai driving licience after goa licience expires?
Can I apply for LLR in chennai with address proof and age proof of bangalore?
I have a dirving license from maharashtra which is about to expire in 6 months, but i'm currently settled in karnataka. What is the procedure for renewal of the same here?
I have a permanent licence of 2 wheeler in booklet format of maharashtra,how can I convert it into new smart card format?
I have 2 wheeler licence book and a 4 wheeler licence book. I now want to have smart card for both the vehicles and also there is change in address. Please let me know the procedure?
My son is 17 years old. What type of scooty he can drive and for which he can get a licence?
I have 2 wheeler driving licence in hyderabad. Now I would like to apply 4 wheer (Car) driving licence in vijayawada. (Same State but different districts). Please tell me the procedure.?
can i drive an automatic car for getting a four wheeler licence?
I applied for Two wheeler with gear (MCWG) for driving test. Can i take my Suzuki Swish for driving test? If so, which rule specifies MCWG vehicles?
Can a person holding a licence from any state in India, eligible to drive in any other state in India, if Yes then for how long ?
Hello, I have a LLR for 2-wheeler and LMV. Do I need to take the Driving test for both LMV and 2-wheeler? Will it be done by a single test or 2 separate tests I have to take for 2 classes of Vehicles? Thanks.?
I aged 20 yrs with 40% disability. shall i get a 2wheeler licence without a retrofit.?
After completing eight test for 2 wheeler license in how many days we can recieve original driving license?
Is it possible to get the 4 wheeler licence on the automatic transmission car?
if i have a 4 wheelers licence do i need to go through learners test for 2 wheelers?
what is the maximum age limit to get driving lisence in india. my father is 65 yrs old,can he get a dl for 4 wheeler driving in this age?
sir, i have Learner's licence (MCWOG) can i get permanent licence by riding Honda Activa(gear transmission Automatic)? is it valid or i have to ride a motorcycle with Gear?
My Licence is for LMV-TR.It has got valid date 114-08- 2025 (NT) and there is other date 01-09-2011(TR).Does that mean my license is expired for LMV Transport and active for LMV Non Transport?
I am in defence forces and I got my driving license in Pune in 2004. It was a paper type DL. Now I am posted in Mumbai and I wish to replace my paper type DL to Smart card or computer chipped license. Can I apply for renewal in Mumbai?
I have driving licece of lmv in book format of jharkhand, is it valid in orissa and how can i convert into smart card?
I have a valid(till 2027) Indian (U.P) driving license for LMV. It doesnot have an International permit however it (a 2 page diary type DL) has all the information in english as well. Can I drive in U.S. ? If yes how long it can be valid to drive in U.S ?
my native place is solapur, and now im living in pune and i want to learning license in pune , what kind of documents required to license.?
Hello Sir, May i have two different license for twowheeler and four wheeler with the same permanent address?
I took LLR @ trichy can i take liciense test in chennai?
Hello Sir, I have applied for two wheeler and four wheeler licence , i can drive 2 wheeler easily but cant drive 4 wheeler so can i get only for two wheeler licence ? or i have to apply once more from starting?
Sir, I received my new DL in which my name is misspelt, so what is the procedure to rectify it with my original name.?
At what age i can apply for learner license?
My DOB is printed wrong while changing from DL booklet to smart card though it is correct in booklet. Should I have to go through the whole process of taking photo again? Or DOB proof alone will do?
what is heavy license age apply?
i am a non-resident of hyderabad but studying in hyderabad,can i apply for license here or should i do it only in my resident area?
Hello Sir, I have a 2 wheeler without gear license and LMV license, can I ride a motorcycle with gear ?
I have lost my indian drivers license. And I live in melbourne. But I do have a photocopied version. How can I get an original license again . Is t possible online ??
I am an NRI & I have an oman Driving license.Can I get a new Indian License issued without giving any driving test in india.?Can you please let me know the procedure like which forms to be filled etc.?
i have lost my right hand . can i get license??? any chance ???
hi i have 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler license separately with different addresses in AP. now i want to combine these 2 in karnataka. what is the procedure. please help!?
i like to open a driving school i m having tr four wheeler licence do we need any other licences ?
I am an NRI & I have an oman Driving license.Can I get a new Indian License issued without giving any driving test in india.?
I have a learning liscence but i couldn`t learnt to drivi because of some health problems within the validity date? What should I do?Could I renew it?
Karnatak driving licence class of vehicles TRANS - clarification?
im alrsdy having four wheeler driving lisence how can i get the two wheeler lisence now? whats the procedure to get that?
I have a License with MCWG and LMV-TR vehicles. Can I driver my personal car.?
I have permanent driving licence for LMV-NT. How to convert to LMV-TR.?
I have a TRANS & MCWG in one smart card & LMV licence in booklet fiormat. I had requested to renew & merge the LMV with my smart card. The updated licence it is only showning TRANS & MCWG and no mention of LMV. How do I acertain my LMV is
I lost my old style DL and I don't have any xerox but i have DL no. then how to apply for duplicate DL?
I am an NRI visiting India within 10days, my LMV Card licence is expire before 3 years, what is the procedure to get it renewed before I reach there, is there any online renewal system? please guide...?
I lost my old style DL and I don't have any xerox then how to apply for duplicate DL?
i am male.i want to apply for 4+2 license.for 4 wheeler,driving school will provide.for 2 wheeler can i take my scooty streak?
I have applied for Learner's licence for LMV-NT..can i apply permanent licnece for LMV-TR..?
i have only one eye. the right eye is visible . can i get license??? any chance ???
I got four wheeler license. can i also drive my own two wheler vehicles ? or else wat is the procedure for getting two wheeler license with already having four wheeler license?
I took a LLR (LMV) in Tamilnadu, but I moved to Karnataka (Bangalore), Can I just take the driving test here in Bangalore after a month or should I go to Tamilnadu for that?
After giving driving test, how many days ater can I get my original icense.?
which vehicles can you drive with TRANS wirtten on the smart card.?
My booklet licence for LMV (for 4 wheeler) due for renewal in Dec.2013.. I had a booklet for HMV which was renewed as smart card with TRANS written. Do I have to renew my LMV licence as smart card or will TRANS smart card serve as licence for car use.
I applied for Two wheeler with gear for driving test.Could you please let me knwo Can i take Honda activa for driving test?
my two wheeler driving licence is old licence is made in maharatra now iam shift to delhi so its valid in delhi?
with lmv licence which vehicle i can drive?
hi I have two wheeler licence I want to made for lmv . my question is is that necessary to again go for whole procedure like written test & submission of all documents?
I have lost my DL(smart card) which was from Pune and i dont have copy of it but i can provide DL number.Now i have shifted to Goa. How can i get a license here in Goa.?
I had a license against my name which I have lost somwhere and I don't have the license No. can I renew it against my name?
My driving smart card is broken so what is the Procedure of getting a new one.?
i have a two wheeler learner license how can i get a 2+4 wheeler license?
i have two wheeler license. can i apply for four wheeler license using that two wheeler license?
i want to get my licence in delhi cz im going to settle there wat should i do?
If I have to give an indication to a rear vehicle to overtake ( from right ), which indicator light should I turn on? Generally people give rt indicator, Is that correct?
I have a LMV nt license. Can I drive an Innova Taxi any other car with taxi registration?
What is meaning of LMV-NT Licence?
sir im 17 im going to apply for my llr aftr 4 months actually im from chennai im going to do my college in delhi can i get my licence in delhi?
after how much time i can be issued with LLR after passing online test?
I am 16 Can I Drive A Aviator with learner's License ?
Sir, recently i changed my signature. Is there any possiblity to change the signature in my driving licence.?
I want to issue driving license for 4 wheeler in Pune RTO. Do not have notariezed rent agreement, but have BSNL landline bill on my name, Will that work as address proof in Pune RTO?
Shall we take International Licence in india ? It is possible ?
I have a DL for LMV.Do i need a seperate licence for a 2 wheeler less than 100CC?
I have applied for mcwg , can i give test drive with activa.?
what is difference in lmv nt and lmv t?
I am Physical Handicapped (OL) with one leg. Can I drive Active Scooter without licence ?
What is the difference between TR and NT licence.?
If I am owner of a Commercial Light Vehicle, and having non commercial LIcenser, Can I drive the car in absence of the drivver ?
how to convert driving licensed from two wheeler to lmv?
Hi, I am 16, so can I ride ACTIVA (scooter) with learner's licence?
TR licence means?
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Always wear helmet while riding motorcycle.

Always wear seat belts while driving.

Drink and drive dont go together.

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